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What drives us and guides us

Arroyo Networks provides a new and adaptive perspective on network security, allowing teams and companies to surpass the challenges of today’s threat landscape. We are passionate about providing a cutting edge experience to all types of users, enabling anyone anywhere to take advantage of the simplest, most innovative secure access solution in the industry

  • November 2015

    Arroyo Networks is founded!

    Founders Matthew Ellison and Mario Loria begin Arroyo Networks, working out of any place with coffee and free wi-fi.

  • May 2016

    We hire an Intern!

    As more front-end development is needed, we hire our first (awesome) intern who successfully reminds us how old we are.

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Introducing Inflow

The next-generation VPN solution is finally here. Are you ready?

Simplified Networking

Inflow provides an easy to understand approach to conquering your network needs, no matter what skill level you are.

Exceptional Security

Using tiered security levels along with industry best practices and the latest protocols, you can rest assured your data is truly yours.

Beautiful Administration

With an elegant administrative control panel and clean interface, you can be sure configuration is always a breeze.

The Team

Lean, Mean, and In Charge!

Matthew Ellison

Co-Founder and President

Mario Loria


We are a group of nerds with an intimate understanding of the complex networking problems modern companies face. Through our wide range of experience, we’ve set out on a journey to organize, simplify, and invigorate the way secure private networks are spawned, connected, and managed.

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