Replace that Dusty Firewall with the Power of the Cloud

Delivering software-driven network security, allowing IT professionals to enhance their traditional networks with solutions capable of withstanding the challenges of today’s cyber-security landscape.

Upgrade your Network Security with INFLOW, replacing traditional security appliances with our unified, simple, and adaptive security gateway-as-a-service.

No Hardware, No Firmware, No Seats,
Just Security

By Arroyo

The Next Generation in Network Security, Merging Network Function Virtualization and Edge Security.

Our security gateway (as a service) allows you to secure all facets of your network.

Built for Managed Service Providers

Platforms and tools to increase productivity and lower overhead.

Manage all of your client’s edge functions from a single unified platform.

Built for Small Business

Exceptional Security for an Exceptional Price, including Never-Per-Seat™ Pricing.

Add new layers of security as your business grows, without the need for capital investments or downtime.


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Network Security: At Your Service

Security Gateway as a Service

Better Security

Inflow monitors all of the Layer 3 traffic entering and exiting your network. Combined with global heruistics, INFLOW makes better decisions not only about what should be allowed in, but allowed out.

Firmware updates are a thing of the past. Our service automatically updates for the latest zero-day threats, so you can focus less on updating firmware and providing value to your users.

Layered Security

Two layers of security is better than one, and three is better than two. With INFLOW, add additional layers of security to any network, large or small.

As your needs grow, enable advanced solutions such as intrusion prevention, phishing protection, and more, at a click of a button. All base plans include VPN/Remote Access.

As we learn about new threats, we upgrade your rules in real-time, allowing you to sleep easy knowing you’re always protected.

Modern Security

INFLOW provides many useful features for modern security, such as tools for assisting threat hunting, malware analysis, and network performance benchmarking.

Download and store PCAPs of your network flows from multiple locations, integrate with existing analytics software, and more.
Use INFLOW as the NoC for any network, regardless of its size.

Unified Security

Manage multiple sites, networks, functions, and users all from a single interface.

See alerts and make changes to multiple networks at one time, even across the globe. Make insightful decisions, focusing on security not complexity.

Our Team

Behind the Code

Matt Ellison

Matt Ellison

Co-Founder & CEO

Cedric Kennedy

Cedric Kennedy

Co-Founder & COO

Matt Augustine

Matt Augustine

Co-Founder & Lead Operations

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43% Of Attacks Target Small Business
60% Go Out of Businesses after an Attack
Only 14% Are Adequately Prepared

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